Intellivoid Accounts

Second-generation Authentication Solution

One account for Everything

Opened Platform

True privacy and data control



Setup multiple methods of verification of authentication, no email or phone verification


Data Control

Choose the data you want to share, there is no obligation other than your Username and Avatar


Open Platform

Integrate Intellivoid Accounts into anything, even Android ROMs

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Say No to data collection

Intellivoid does not display ads or collects data about you to share with third-party companies without your consent. Your data is yours, you have the right to choose how to share it with others

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Stop reinventing the wheel

Having too many accounts for many different services can put users at risk if one service gets compromised. Instead use Intellivoid Accounts as a form of authentication for your next project

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No more ineffective forms of verification

Getting tired of Phone Verification / Email Verification? No more! sim swapping is a thing of the past.